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Event Logo 2017 USATF Virginia Trail Running Championships
Saturday, October 7, 2017 - Saturday, October 7, 2017
Downtown Baseball Field
Elkhorn City, KY

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► 2016 Participation Information Packet (contains a ton of information you may not find on the website)

Course Description to whet your appetite:
The Cloudsplitter races run along the Pine Mountain Scenic Trail, which follows a geological fault line along the Kentucky-Virginia border high above the raging Russell Fork River.  This remote course winds through rough and rocky pioneer roads, traverses dense rhododendron thickets, crosses vast rock outcroppings, meanders amid beautiful single track trails dotted with enormous sandstone boulders, rock shelters and pioneer homesteads, and offers spectacular views of Kentucky and Virginia from steep and rugged cliff lines.  Only one road crosses the mountain along the entire length of the race course.  This is one of the most difficult organized running events in the United States, and entry in this race should not be taken lightly.